The Heart of Diptera

by Seazon of the Fly

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released June 1, 2013

All music written, arranged, recorded and produced by Seazon of the Fly at Ear Candy Factory in Sauk Rapids, MN; except track 9 remixed and arranged by Mike Lardy at Mike Lardy Studio in Waite Park, MN.
Drums for tracks 1-6 recorded by Thomas Cabot at Rockhouse Studio in St. Joseph, MN. All songs mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering in Minneapolis, MN. Album art concept, design and title by Brandon Philbrick.



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Seazon of the Fly Saint Cloud, Minnesota

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Track Name: A Crown of Caution
Born in wealth, given everything except for feelings for the finer things
So he plays the part, but won't get too close lest they break him down and he drops his crown of security

On top of the world, looking down for the ground
It's nowhere to be found
How far will he go to break a heart of stone?
And will he ever find his pretty queen?
What if he falls harder and farther than he's never fell before?
Shattered to his core, he's gonna have a hard time bouncing back and finding love again... one that could offer fealty

Prince charming
Yes, he has that look... the one that they love
And they throw themselves
He just takes his pick, none of them will stick
Simply discarded and he's safe again... insecurity

Rules are made to be broken, aren't they?
Just this time...
Has our king finally found his rightful queen?
So divine...
She's just the kind that would join him...
Track Name: Fallen Kingdom
Could this be the one?
The woman he's been hiding from for an age
Like Hellen of Troy has risen to strike again
We all pay for the wars we wage
Her beauty compares to that of nothing else
Yet there's something that doesn't quite meet the
But he's growing ripe just sitting on the vine
He decides to give this one a try

Cause she's a queen like none have seen
Pure divinity from some kind of dream
Kingdoms fall and she'll raze them down
On to the next one, caution to the crowns

Unable to resist the magic of the sirens call
He seems to be mesmerized, stripped of will
Unable to heed and listen to his own advice
He has a void only she can fill

His reason is smitten and the ending is written

But there's something about her
A ripple on the water
Underneath there's a monster
See the waves on the water?
Track Name: Ever
All the wells have run dry
Now's her time to move on
Our king holds his head high
Wonders where he went wrong

Will I see you again?
To be near you again
Just to hear you again

He feels like he's been played
How could he lose this game?
Yet he cannot help but love her still just the same
The days turn into years
He done cried all his tears
Depression shares a cold embrace
Now he wonders if she's ever had a taste

Will I see you again?
To be near you again
Just to feel you again
Please let me see you again

Our king seems to have lost his crown
His whole kingdom came crashing down
Lines grow harder on his face
Falling fast and further from grace
He can't manage to keep one burning question from his mind
Track Name: Absolute Despondency
He packs his bags and prepares for his journey to the unknown
He knows there is a chance that he won't be coming home
Reason left long ago but his motives remain strong
Sick mind, he cannot tell the difference... right and wrong

She hears a wrap on the door
"Who's there?"
She has not a clue
Open, see the shell of a man she once knew

"These are the years that slip away, let's not waste no time
I won't leave your side, I'll never change my mind
And when the world will decide to break into a thousand skies
I won't look away, I'll never close my eyes"

"You poor thing, I thought I made it clear
We're done"
Chuckling until her eyes fall down to the gun
"Wait dear, reconsider what you're about to do"

"I loved you much more than myself
And I will wait for you in Hell
It's too late, I can't start over now"
Raised piece, in a flash his body is down
It's down

It's decades
She can't remove his image from her mind
She knows and she regrets her folly
Lying still, gripping her bed sheets tightly one last time
Eyes glazed, whispering out "I'm sorry"
Track Name: Removed
The hard truth that you learn
When to crash, when to burn
Or just bring the whole damn factory down
The feeling you'll know
When you're just letting go
And you can't find a fuck to give

Forcing a break on the struggler
Every day stacked on the other
Finding your place in the system
Leaving the race to start another

Angry monkeys inside
Tossing dung like our pride
Still we like to dream of change
Fear the unknown
We commit to what's shown
Then we abandon mystery

Forget yourself, removed from the pain
Forgot my name, but I found it again
You think you know me?
I don't know me
You think you own me?
Nobody owns me
Rewrite yourself and discover your place

What if we could just start over?
Would we stay the same with a different name?
Calling it fate or destiny
Still I can't wait just to be free
Track Name: Too Close
You're leaning in
Your breath stinks
You got nothing that I wanna hear
You look dumb
Your shirt is dirty
You got nothing that I wanna hear

Because you're too close
And I can't get enough
Space between you and me

Lips moving
They never stop
Do me a favor and get outta here
I hate to tell ya
You fucking suck
Do me a favor and disappear
Track Name: Carry (Lifted & Free Mix)
Spinning and bleeding
When I shut my window to the world I feel

Lifted and free of everything that was over me
Spinning completely as I'm haunted by the natural laws
Lost in a perpetuating dreamscape random cycle of time
And I can't seem to figure it out
Figure it out

Lifted and free of anything under me
Spinning and bleeding
Screaming "put me down"
Track Name: Light (Mike Lardy's Mourning Mix)
Learn to find some peace
Peace of mind
It's always been hard for me, but I try
I can't change who I am
Sometimes I wish I could...
I'd trade with you

I'm moving on and staying strong cause it's what you'd want
I'm trying hard not to let you down
I need to see and believe that you're not gone
But when you died you turned on a new light

I owe it to you to appreciate this time
And I remember you...
... gone too soon
We all miss you and we miss your light
We all miss you and we miss your light
I'd turn mine off if I could turn yours on

In darkness and the thick fog, hold close your light
Letting it burn bright
Learn to find peace of mind
(Illuminate the void around our hearts)
It's always been hard for me
But I try
(Don't stray, now you light)
You can't just change your mind but sometimes
I wish I could
You stupid man
Maybe I'm starting to understand, but it's hard
I break down and I break down
Track Name: The End of the World
I'm happier in the shadows
So shine yourself elsewhere
Cause it's lovely here in silence

But it's not the end of the world
You're still a little girl
It's not the end of the world
And you're still a little girl

Heaven and Hell are real things for you
Let's parade the charade just like a little girl
Maybe it is the end of the world?